Cavalier of Brighton was established in 1977 as a one man business supplying a wide range of products to the bakery trade.

The last decade has seen the decline of the independent baker due to the emergence of in-store bakeries in the superstores.

Conscious of this Cavalier has taken the experience and expertise gained within the bakery world, and taken it's market to hotels, schools, golf clubs, cafe's and coffee shops, public houses and the like. Cavalier now supplies a comprehensive range of high quality confectionery products, both ambient and frozen.

Allied to these are a very impressive selection of savoury goods including an expanding range of products for those who have dietary needs.

Both ambient and frozen products are delivered twice a week to most areas , please see                                    for more details.

Our Sales Development Consultant is an ex-Patisserie with over 30 years hands on experience and is backed by a team, which never forgets that the customer is it's life blood. We pride ourselves on continuity, stability and customer care,  with a work force who have mainly been a part of Cavalier for over 10 years we can offer a recognisable voice or face which ever way you prefer to do business with us. 

Dealing with Cavalier you are guaranteed a quality product with a service to match.

In 2015 Cavalier are re-branding, we want to be reaching out to those customers who are in the wider Sussex area.

We are having a new look web site, new brochures tailor made to each customer, a new logo and new livery for our fleet of vans.

We are to become...








Cavalier of Sussex will be exactly the same as Cavalier of Brighton, it's only a name change, nothing else, everything else will remain the same:

the great service our customers have come to enjoy, our friendly team, our fantastic range and of course our great pricing structure.

As we are based in the beautiful East Sussex village of Rottingdean, just a stones throw from the bustling City of Brighton and Hove, it is a great central position allowing us to reach all major towns throughout both East and West Sussex on a regular basis.