Bridor’s ready-to-bake pre-proofed deep-frozen pastries have everything you’d expect from a high-class French pastry: flaky pastry, all-butter, flavour, delicacy – and pleasure. Pre-proofed, deep-frozen pastries add further advantages: flexibility, responsiveness, economy, cost savings and freshness, with products that can be baked at any time of day. 




5098      premier all-butter croissant

5100      premier all-butter croissant

5102      premier almond croissant

5068     cinnamon swirl

5072     maple pecan plait      

5077     premier pain raisin      

5081     apple/custard trellis          

5083     vanilla crown     

5110     chocolate twist   

5075     premier pain aux chocolate  

5085     mini sweet pastries     

5086     mini all-butter croissant    

5087     mini premier pain raisin  

5088     mini premier pain chocolate   

70 X 60gm

60 x 70gm

48 x 95gm

48 x 85gm

48 x 95gm

60 x 110gm

45 x 100gm

48 x 100gm

65 x 120gm

70 x 75gm

140 x 35gm

240 x 30gm

260 x 35gm

240 x 32gm













Cavalier strives for the best quality in all our products, no more so than our bakery range. We have enlisted the skills of a local baker to make many of our core and premium range.  He produces a large variety of hand crafted “regular” and speciality breads and confectionary products. We can now offer premium quality products at a very comparable price, which will satisfy even the most discerning of our customers.


These breads are freshly produced for you, and delivered frozen.

Please allow time for your bread to be made and delivered.


5139       Bloomers, plaits and boules 600gm   please choose from…. 

Harvey’s beer boulle or bloomer, Six seed,

Sussex cheddar and onion, Organic egg and milk plait or bloomer,

Parmesan cheese, Sun dried tomato.


5120       Bloomers 800gm                            please choose from…

Tiger, white, granary, Caramelised onion, walnut and honey,

malted brown


5149       Topped focaccia 8 x 150g                please choose from…. 

Red onion and horseradish, rosemary, sage and onion, mixed herb,

sun blush tomato, English mustard and 

red onion, cranberry, cheese and tomato. 


5150        Granary sandwich loaf 800gm

5152        Wholemeal sandwich loaf 800gm

5153        White sliced sandwich loaf 800gm

5155        Assorted speciality bread rolls 35gm

5146        White, w’meal & granary bread rolls 35gm

5167        5” Baps or demi baguettes 120gm     please choose from…. 

plain, wholemeal, granary , cheese topped, floured, herb, oatmeal ,

seeded, or choose your own topping….


5168        French sticks 450g 


 5139 / 5120 








Croissant, Danish and Mini Danish