Once again Cavalier have been able to use the expertise of two professional 

pâtissiers who are able to hand make a wonderful range of very high quality desserts. 

We carry a very large range of products, all frozen to aid shelf life.

If you require something specific for a function, event, special menu or just

“because you can”

then please contact Richard Plews



who with 20 odd years patisserie 

experience, can create something very unique and different just for you.































4831: White Chocolate & Raspberry Cheesecake

Raspberries set in a white chocolate mousse cheesecake

with a raspberry glaze and white chocolate shavings.

4853: Coffee Amoretti Band

Amoretti biscuit base, Amoretti buttercream,

coffee mousse with a whisky and Tia Maria glaze.

4855: Black Forest Band

Dark chocolate sponge flavoured with a Kirsch syrup

filled with raspberry jam, cream and black cherries,

topped with plain chocolate shavings and a dusting of icing sugar.

4852: Strawberry & Raspberry Band

Vanilla sponge with raspberry syrup filled with

strawberry mousse, whole raspberries and finished with a raspberry glaze.

4710: French Apple Flan

Sweet pastry case, pastry cream, layers of fresh Bramley

apples with a cinnamon sugar glaze.

4735: Double Chocolate Truffle

Rum soaked chocolate sponge, rich dark chocolate truffle encasing awhite 

chocolate truffle and toppedwith a layer of marbled ganache and ganache swirls.

4736: Hazelnut Meringue Gateau

Layers of baked hazelnut meringue, noisette

butter-cream and coated in roast hazelnut ganache.

4718: Tarte au Citron

A sweet pastry shell containing a freshly squeezed zestylemon filling.

4742: White Chocolate Truffle Gateau

Vanilla sponge layered between white Belgian chocolate

truffle, finished with white chocolate shavings and glazedfruits of the forest.

4716: Pear Frangipan

Sweet pastry case, raspberry jam, almond cream, pearhalves and apricot glaze.

4786: Baked Toffee Pecan Cheesecake

A creamy cheesecake marbled with toffee and pecansthen lightly baked.

4719: Florentine Tart

A sweet pastry shell filled with almond cream, glacé fruits and almonds.

4832: Strawberry & Raspberry Cheesecake

A classic mousse style cheesecake with strawberries

and raspberries.

4708: Cherry Frangipan

A sweet pastry case, raspberry jam, almond cream, black 

cherries and apricot glaze.

4854: Tropical Fruit Band

Coconut jaconde sponge with Malibu syrup, layers of mango, pineapple

and coconut mousse finished with a passion fruit glaze.

4851: Trio of Chocolate Band

Chocolate sponge with a rum syrup, layers of white, plain

and milk chocolate mousse with a dark chocolate glaze.

4730: Chocolate Bonne Femme

Chocolate sponge with a fruit syrup, rich plain Belgian

truffle, raspberries, and a raspberry glaze.

4779: Banoffi Pie

A sweet pastry case filled with flambé bananas and caramel in a

sweet custard, finished with piped cream and chocolate.

4810: Dutch Apple Pie

Chopped apples mixed with nibbed almonds, lemon zest,

cinnamon sugar and juicy sultanas in a lattice topped sweet pastry shell.

4870: Individual Desserts

4721: Chocolate Sponge Pudding with Chocolate Sauce

4726: Jam Sponge Pudding

4720: Sticky Toffee Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce

4834: White Chocolate & Baileys Cheesecake

A mousse based cheesecake with white Belgian chocolate and Baileys.

4823: Trio of Chocolate Gateau

Vanilla sponge soaked in rum syrup with layers of white,

milk and plain Belgian truffle dusted with cocoa powder and icing sugar.

4822: Lemon Gateau

Layers of vanilla sponge with a lemon syrup, lemon

buttercream and crushed praline.

4734: Croqueline Chocolate Sponge

Layers of chocolate sponge, raspberry syrup, raspberries, Belgian chocolate ganache.

4778: Baked Plum Crumble Cheesecake

A sweet pastry base, quetch plums baked in a creamy 

cheesecake with crumble topping.

4769: Summer Pudding Dome

Layers of fruit and bread in a red fruit jelly.

4814: Mango & Raspberry Delice

Lined with charlotte finger biscuits on a vanilla sponge base,

raspberries encased in a mango mousse with a mango topping.





















We are able to have desserts made to your own unique specifications.

Individual desserts can be made in a variety

of shapes with a huge array of fillings, please ask




***Lead time for NON stock lines will be approx. 10-14 days***

Please order in plenty of time for your function

4785: Apple Pie

A sweet pastry shell encasing apples and sugar.

4784: Baked Marbled Chocolate Cheesecake

A marbling of chocolate and plain cheesecakes on a biscuit

base coated in chocolate pieces.

4781: Baked Lemon and Sultana Cheesecake

Sweet pastry base, baked cheesecake with fresh lemons

and sultanas with a lattice pastry top and glazed.

4740: Whisky & Raspberry Gateau

Layers of vanilla sponge, whisky syrup, raspberries and

cream decorated with chopped nuts and a shortbread biscuit top.

4705: Apricot Frangipan

A sweet pastry case filled with an almond cream and

apricots, finished with an apricot glaze.

4830: Maple Pecan Cheesecake

A creamy cheesecake flavoured with maple syrup and finished with pecan nuts.

4839: Lemon Meringue Roulade

Vanilla sponge with tangy lemon syrup, lemon cream andmeringue pieces.

4838: Tiramisu & Amoretti Roulade

Chocolate sponge with Tia Maria syrup, coffee flavoured

mascarpone cheese, dark chocolate flakes and Amoretti biscuits

4841: White Chocolate & Red Berry Roulade

Vanilla sponge soaked with raspberry syrup, rolled with a white chocolate truffle

and mixed red berries, finished off with cream and white chocolate flakes.

4758: Hazelnut Praline Log

Rich hazlenut mousse with praline and meringue pieces, wrapped in jaconde and glazed.

4767: Strawberry & Raspberry Bavarois

Vanilla sponge base, plump raspberries encased in a light

strawberry mousse and decorated with a red fruit glaze.

4712: Lemon Meringue Pie

A citron tart with a baked pasteurised meringue.

4804: Baileys Cappuccino Gateau

Chocolate sponge soaked with Baileys & coffee syrup. Caramel butter cream

dark & white chocolate / coffee mousse, decorated with flakes.

4711: Tarte Citron au Framboise

A zesty lemon tart with plump raspberries.

4808: Apple & Cider Crumble

Bramley apples cooked in cider and baked in a sweetpastry tart

with a crumble topping.

4743: Baileys Gateau

Vanilla sponge moistened with Baileys & layered with an almond cream

encased in a roasted almond jaconde topped with white chocolate flakes

and a cocoa dusting.

4747: Double Mint Chocolate Truffle

Chocolate sponge with a dark mint flavoured Belgian

truffle coated with a marbled ganache.





4720    Chocolate chip pudding with melting banoffi centre

4721    Chocolate melt in the middle pudding

4722    Chocolate orange melt in the middle pudding

4723    Square chocolate pudding with chocolate sauce





4724    Square stem ginger pudding with ginger sauce

4725    Square sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce 

4726    Chocolate, Banana & Salted Caramel Pudding with Fudge Pieces

4727    Chocolate Orange Sponge Pudding with Chocolate Sauce


To Compliment Your Desserts


Frozen Fruit Purees



A natural product containing NO preservatives or colourings



Apricot, Banana, Green Apple, Kiwi, Peach Lemon, Rhubarb, Strawberry



Lime, Mango, Passion, Raspberry, Fig Blackcurrant, Exotic,

Coconut, Morello cherry.




          5215   Blackcurrant

 5216   Exotic

        5217   Strawberry

      5218   Raspberry



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Dairy Ice Cream

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9135   Crème Anglaise 

9136   Crème brulee

1694   Vanilla pods 

1472   Praline paste 

999       Bird’s custard powder     

990       Ambrosia Devon custard rtu     

821       Caramel fudge crembel      

822       Chocolate fudge crembel           

1811   Renshaw luxuary caramel rtu


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